Tutorial Playlists with IO - Commands

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This tutorial applies to all different OS and MXWendler versions.


In this tutorial, a playlist will be controlled through the keyboard using the IO-Commands.


1. First, create a playlist with multiple media files. (See Tutorial Creating playlists)

2. On the second column, create a couple of IO-Commands:

Right-click into an empty cell, select Input/Output and then I/O Command. (A)

3. To be able to define the IO Commands later, create now two Keyboard Events.

For instance: mxw/playlist/play and mxw/playlist/gotostart
(See the About Events section of this wiki)

Playlist io 1.png

4. Once the two Keyboard Events are created, go back to the playlist and select one of the IO-commands.

Once the command is selected, it can be configured through the line that appears just under the playlist: double click over the description and type the name of the desired key, for example, Keyboard (space) or Keyboard A. (B)

Playlist io 2.png