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The Preload Preview gives access to the settings of the preload.
Click on a Preload to open the Preload Preview.


Load different kind of media in the preload and switch between loaded media, load and create text layers. (A)
Apply effects to the chosen media.(B)
Modify the clip length and play mode trough the sliders under the clip preview: KeyIn, KeyOut, Progress, Speed, Play Mode. (C)

Tip: the speed slider value goes from 0 to 1 for video clips and from -5 to +5 for image sequences and Hap Clips.
Tip: Random, Jitter and Bounce play modes are aimed to work with Image sequences, not with video material.

Apply layer transformations. (D)

Tip: Changes in layer opacity cannot be seen properly without a background to the layer, that's why the opacity transformation will affect the layer composition but not the preview."

Check all the most important information about the selected media by scrolling down on the menu. (E)
Assign a preferred layer and track position to the layer. (F)

Tip: changes to this option for the text layer will not be saved in Preload because it is controlled by the Supertitle Text settings in: Menu → Settings → Media.

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