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Monitoring, editing and transforming the final Output along with some other features are available in Render Preview.


Output Preview: the render output is monitored in the Output Preview. (A)

Final Transforms: editable values to transform the size and shape of the render output. (B)

Final Effects: a final effect can be applied to the render output. (C)

Clock: time reference, synched with Windows clock. (D)

Runtime Counter: the Runtime Counter shows the time since the start of the session. The counter can be set back to zero with a simple double-click on the counter itself. (E)

Preview Mode: the mode of the Output Preview can be set to: (F)

Normal: the Output Preview is shown before the Keystone. (output correction)
Keystone: the Output Preview is shown after the Keystone. (output correction)

Zoom & Pan: the Output Preview can be zoomed and moved with the two buttons on the upper right corner of the user interface or with the 100% increment field.

Size and position of the window can be changed by clicking & dragging one of these elements. Double-click to reset, or to type the desired zoom value. (G)

Tip: the Render Preview window can be dragged and positioned anywhere on the software's user interface. Minimizing the window (clicking on the triangle) will bring the window to its default position.

Render general.png