Tutorial Controlling MXWendler with Elgato Streamdeck XL

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This tutorial applies to all OS and MXWendler version 5.00 or above.


In this tutorial, we will import a preset to the Elgato Streamdeck XL to control the MXWendler interface.


For Windows and MacOS users:
Download and install the open-source software "Bitfocus Companion" (https://bitfocus.io/companion/)

For Linux and Advanced users:
The repositories to compile the software can be found on "Github" (https://github.com/bitfocus/companion/)

Preset File:
Download the "StreamdeckXL" Preset (*.companionconfig) from the MXWendler Download Page (https://www.mxwendler.net/fileadmin/user_upload/downloads/STREAMDECKXL_MXWENDLER_PRESETS.zip)

Setup MXWendler to receive OSC signals

1. Start MXWendler and go to:

Menu → Settings → IO → OSC

2. Check 'Receive OSC'. (A)

3. Set the port to 7000. (B)

4. Check 'Log received data' during setup (this allows the Log Window to display the data stream that MXWendler is receiving). (C) Turn off this function during production for performance reasons.

Mxwendler osc setup window.PNG

Setup of Bitfocus Companion

1. Connect the "Elgato Streamdeck XL" through USB

2. Run the software "Bitfocus Companion" and click on 'Launch GUI' (A)

Bitfocus companion GUI start.PNG

3. A Browser will open with the interface of the software

4. Click on 'Surfaces' (B) and check if the "Streamdeck XL" is listed. If it is not, click on 'Rescan USB' (C)

Tip: If the device is still not available after the rescan, check if the official "Elgato" "Stream Deck" Software is running in the background and close it, then restart from step 1."

Bitfocus companion rescan usb.PNG

5. Click now on 'Import/Export' (D), then on 'Import' (E) and finally select the preset file downloaded from MXWendler.

Bitfocus companion import preset.PNG

6. The button interface should appear on the right side, click then on 'Replace current configuration' (F)

Bitfocus companion replace configuration.PNG

7. The 'osc Generic' Module should appear in the window 'CONNECTION / INSTANCES' in the "Bitfocus Companion" browser GUI and the preset should be correctly uploaded to the 'Elgato StreamdeckXL'.

Stremdeckxl mxwendler interface1.JPG

Tip: If the device does not trigger actions in MXWendler, check first by controlling if there is any 'OSC' signal appearing in MXWendler in the 'MXW Log Window' ( CTRL+SHIFT+L or Menu → Settings → Error and Log Window ). If there is no command showing check in the "Companion" GUI in CONNECTIONS / INSTANCES → EDIT if the ports are matching (default value is '7000') and the IP is set to a local IP ( The browser 'GUI' of "Bitfocus Companion" MUST also to the device through a different port (default value is 8000 in the "Bitfocus Companion" Launcher). For further information about 'OSC' and MXWendler check the other Wiki pages about 'OSC' and the OSC MXWendler Reference .