Tutorial Set up the CITP Footage Library on the Media Server

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This tutorial applies to all different OS and MXWendler versions.
In this tutorial we will create a CITP media folder to upload the footage thumbnails to a light consolle (E.g. Jands Vista).

In order to be uploaded to a light console,
the footage on the media server has to be organized in a specific order.

The footage has to be on the same hard drive, in the same folder:

eg. Z:\citp_footage (A)

Inside the CITP folder another directory level must be set to separate the media by type.

A live folder must be made. MXWendler will automatically find the folder and let the user control Live Devices from there. (B)

'CITP Footage Library Base Path' can be now set on MXWendler: (C)

Menu → Settings → Input and Output → DMX/Art-Net